• Some Azerbaijani hajjis in Mecca face health problems

All pillars of Hajj pilgrimage have been performed and Azerbaijani hajjis returned from Mina to Mecca on August 23, CMO Head of Affairs, Pilgrims Group Leader Hamdulla Babayev told Karabakh Today.

According to him, Azerbaijani hajjis will stay in Mecca till August 29 and perform daily prayers.

Babayev noted that none of Azerbaijanis has a serious illness: ‘Just some people, including me have caught a chill. This is normal. Outside is warm and the inside is cold. When we get in we drink cold water. In general, everything is good’.

CMO official noted that Azerbaijani hajjis will leave for Medina from August 29: ‘On September 1 three flights will be carried out to Baku’.

The quota allocated to Azerbaijan for pilgrimage this year was 1,440, the price - $ 4,150. Those who are going to Hajj pilgrimage from Azerbaijan repeatedly have paid an extra $ 535 as last year”.

Karabakh Today

24.08.2018 16:03
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