• India and Pakistan Continue to Increase Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's (SIPRI) annual report on the current state of armaments, disarmament and international security notes that despite the overall decrease in global nuclear weapons year-on-year, India and Pakistan are doing the opposite.

A report released by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has revealed that the two South Asian neighbors and traditional rivals India and Pakistan are expanding their nuclear stockpiles at the same pace, while Pakistan still remains ahead of India in terms of the number of nuclear warheads. 

"India, which had an estimated 120-130 nuclear warheads as per 2017 report, now has 130-140 warheads. Similarly, Pakistan, which had 130-140 warheads now has increased to 140-150 warheads. Both countries are also developing new land, sea and air-based missile delivery systems," the report reads.

The SIPRI report claims that there are nine countries which have nuclear warheads, which include Russia, the US, the UK, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea.

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20.06.2018 16:45
Category Security