• Afrin operation: Turkey becomes warranter of territorial integrity for regional states

It’s been fourth day of anti-terror operations “Olive Branch” launched by Turkish Armed Forces and Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Afrin. During that period 7.5 kilometer territory, 69 villages, were cleared from YPG and PYD units of terrorist PKK group. 6400 servicemen of Turkish army participate in operations. Around 25,000 Free Syrian Army rebels are said to join the operations. The world’s leading countries such as UK, Germany, France, Russia and NATO said the Turkish anti-terror operations in Afrin are legitimate. But some claim that Turkey invaded Syria. US officials issued contradicting statements.

In fact, Syria have always been nest of PKK and has become ISIS stronghold for several years. Terrorist leader Abdullah Öcalan fled to Kenya from Syria.

He was captured in Kenya by Turkish security forces on 13 February 1999 and the court sentenced him to life imprisonment. By the way, in order to rescue A. Öcalan from execution, the western countries managed to abolish death penalty in Turkey.

Turkey shares a 911 km land border with Syria and 630 km of that are controlled by terrorists. Those terrorists are different wings of PKK that threaten Turkey’s territorial integrity. US officials say they mainly cooperate with two of them Syrian Democratic Forces formed of YPG and PYD. Turkey states that SDF is not different from PKK. Only after the arguments and evidences submitted by Turkey, United States and European Union have included the PKK on their lists of terrorist organizations. Actually, the West rejects PKK as legacy of Soviet Union, but recognizes the group formed out of these forces. Even the members of this terrorist organization operate in US and European countries under different names and hang the portrait of terrorist leader Abdullah Öcalan above their desks. Though this organization is recognized as terrorist group, they cooperate with different group carrying the portrait of its leader, arming them with modern military equipment.


It’s not a secret that US cooperate with local wings of PKK in Syria and provide them with weapon which means United States support terrorists in the region. And these terrorists and against Turkey’s territorial integrity. They want to divide this country and commit terror acts in Turkey. Then there is a following logic of White House’s enhancement of cooperation with this terrorist group: United States want to divide Turkey, its NATO and closest ally in region or US is in alliance with PKK that killed 35 300 people in 28 years. Under such circumstances, Does United States cast a shadow on alliance? Who can issue warranty that United States will not divide the territory of its allies along with terrorists? Certainly, such cooperation will damage the weight of US on the international relations. It also would question the fair position of US as mediator on a number of conflicts.

Turkey has been NATO member since September 8, 1952. It means Turkey is also the territory of this political military bloc. Then it turns out US arms terrorists and protects them to commit terror in the territory of NATO. Actually, in accordance with international law, state cooperates with state and regulates the relations. The security of any terrorist organization in the world can’t work better and more useful than the structure of the smallest state. PKK militants operating in Turkey from time to time possessed intelligence information. There is no doubt such information is provided by states that do their best to divide Turkey. Examples of US can also be applied to other allies of Turkey in NATO. Even though US, Germany, UK, France and other states said this step of Turkey was legitimate they wanted official Ankara to clarify when these operations will end. Turkish officials declared several times that their troops respect the territorial integrity of countries. In fact, they demonstrate that on the case of Iraq and Syria. Then it can be presumed that once the groups recognized by Turkey as terrorists are eradicated, these operations will be over. In other words, when the supply of ammunitions to those terrorists stop, provided military equipment are collected, all kind of political support is suspended, these anti-terror operations will finish.


There are dubious moments in approval of Afrin operations by number of states. It can be presumed that those countries want to confront Turkey with terrorists in Syria and pull it to the war battle. Considering that those states established NATO and their eternal interests, this probability is not ruled out. In this case, Turkey might fight with terrorist groups supported by West and others in the region. If that happens, Azerbaijan as its real ally in all terms, may stand by Turkey. Because Azerbaijan is a state whose territorial integrity has been violated. With support of foreign forces, a part of this country remains under occupation. This occupation fact left from the time when Azerbaijan fought for its independence. Today the countries that support terrorists trying to divide Turkey, don’t seem that much interested in restoring Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

It’s been already 30 years since Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan with all kind of support from those countries, remains under occupation. Instead of demanding from aggressor to liberate the territories, the international mediators have kept saying for 24 years to follow ceasefire regime.

For this reason, Azerbaijan for those and other similar reasons considers Turkey’s territorial integrity problem as its own. No conflict has been settled since the end of Second World War. Some conflicts were solved after the collapse of former USSR. The conflicts inherited from Cold War period still await their solution. One of them is Afghanistan problem. The sounds of fire have not ceased in this country since February, 1979. Now there is neither Soviet bloody red army, nor Russian troops in Afghanistan. Though it looks simple, the following question arise on Afghanistan: Who fights against whom there and what they demand? It’s true that there can be many answers and arguments to this question. But the untold part of the question is clear to everyone. The primary goal of Turkey’s anti-terror operations in Syria and Iraq is not to repeat what happened to Afghanistan. Otherwise, those cooperating with terrorists will create the similar situation in Turkey and in the role of international mediator call the sides not to violate the ceasefire. In order to prevent this game, Turkey has no choice but to clear from terrorists and protect the 911 long border with Syria, 560 km border with Iran, 384 km border with Iraq and 328 border with Armenia. Anyway, there is a great need to destroy the enemy in other territories so that not to be to the mercy of international mediators, OSCE Minsk Group. After the end of Second World War, major powers fight each other in the territory of other states.

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24.01.2018 13:26
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