• Russian special services prevented a major terrorist attack planned in Moscow

Sources in one of the Russian power structures said that the city security services could have prevented the attack, which was to take place in Moscow on March, 8th during the festivities, AzVision.az reports quoting Izvestia.

According to sources, security officers at one of the airports of Moscow in early March, stopped to check a man arrived on a flight from Istanbul.

Arrested was 23-year-old citizen of Tajikistan SAFILO M. After his arrest, the man behaved strange. Realizing the prospect of imminent deportation, condemnation at home for life, he tried to commit suicide.

“A Tajik citizen wanted to break your phone, then grabbed a pair of scissors and inflicted a wound in the neck… Preventing suicide had security officers that have bound him and taken to the hospital. After questioning it turned out that the man he fought in Syria,” the source said.

“In the course of interrogation of the citizen of Tajikistan admitted that has arrived in Moscow to commit a terrorist attack. The man was planned as a suicide bomber to attend the celebration on March 8 to blow himself up,” added in the security services.

“The operative group conducts investigative actions on the establishment of accomplices of the criminal, as explosive and amazing elements for improvised explosive device the guy had to provide supporters in Moscow”, – said the sources, adding that at the present time on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region there are several “Jamaat” – the sleeper cells of ISIS (banned in Russia).

Currently SAFILO handed over to the Tajik operatives. 

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15.03.2017 15:10
Category Security