• Arzu Rahimov: Spirit and patriotism extremely high in Azerbaijani Army

“Spirit and patriotism in our army is extremely high”.

Report informs, said Lieutenant-general Arzu Rahimov, Chairman of State Service for Mobilization and Conscription of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SSMC).

According to him, April events in last year a clear evidence of this.

A.Rahimov told that international relations of the Service after five years of its establishment can be regarded as satisfactory: “Organization of mobilization and conscription, elevation of patriotism among new generation of young people, improvement of Service’s work, improvement of discipline among military servicemen, dynamic development of the Service, introduction of new information and communication technologies, improvement of legislative and normative basis and technical supply are among our objectives in 2017”.

Service’s personnel, just like in last 5 years, will work with great effort and contribution to fulfill its duties to justify trust of state, people and the Supreme Commander. 

Karabakh Today

13.02.2017 12:58
Category Security