• Baku City Executive Power releases statement on aftereffects of rain

The Baku City Executive Power has released statement on consequences of yesterday's rainfall, Report informs.

According to the statement, intensive rains caused several after-effects in Baku. Some streets, areas, avenues, basements of some building have been flooded.

According to the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and  Natural Resources, the rainfall amount was 21 mm, which is 122% of monthly norm (17.2 mm). This index was 191% in the Narimanov district which can be called a natural calamity.

Baku City Executive Power immediately took operative and emergency measures, Azersu, Ministry of Emergency Situations, employees, equipment of relevant services of the capital and districts were mobilized, concrete measures were taken to eliminate the consequences of the rainfall. As a result of utility and other services, center, streets and avenues were cleaned from water and traffic was restored. No serious problem was observed in energy, natural gas and water supply.

As the number of newly-constructed buildings in the center increased, Azersu’s collectors are unable to ensure flawless work during the mass flow of water. Delay in opening of evacuating lines in Sahil collector along with Neftchiler avenue caused additional problems. Azersu should conduct new calculations about the capacity of the collectors and take additional measures.

It should be noted that heavy rainfall is a natural calamity and occurs in all countries of the world. Leading European countries faced floods in a previous year. Therefore, this should be considered as a natural calamity. However, utility and other services must be prepared for such cases.  

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24.09.2018 13:59
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