• Bitcoin price falls again below $ 10,000

Bitcoin's price fell below $ 10,000 again.

Report informs, on February 6, the bitcoin fell to $ 5,900, then sharp jump in price by up to $ 11,900 observed on February 21. Bitcoin, which has started to diminish in the last two days, is now sold at $ 9,955.

Analytical Group of Report News Agency explains sales in the-crypto currency market with strengthening of the US-dollar and doubling the market capitalization in a short time. Sales will continue to grow by 10-15%, and market capitalization will decline to $ 350 billion. It is expected that the dollar will decline. Bitcoin’s price may drop to $ 8,500- $ 8,700. At present, bitcoin has a market share of 39.3%. Market capitalization is $ 420 bln.

Analytical Group predicts major activity in the crypto-currency market during the summer months with probabilities of market capitalization exceeding $ 1 trln.

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22.02.2018 18:39
Category Economy