• Deputy PM: Creation of Food Safety Agency aims to eliminate problems in Azerbaijan’s food safety system

The creation of the Food Safety Agency in Azerbaijan aims to eliminate problems in the country’s food safety system, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov told reporters on Saturday.

On February 11, 2017, President İlham Aliyev signed a decree on additional measures to improve the food safety system in Azerbaijan.

In order to ensure the implementation of state control for all stages of food production in Azerbaijan, Food Safety Agency will be created. A Food Security Commission was created under the chairmanship of Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister Ali Ahmadov for ensuring the activity of the agency.

Ahmadov underlined the importance of creating important mechanisms to eliminate problems in the food sphere.

“This includes issues related to the improvement of legislation, the formation of an appropriate structure and others,” he said.

The deputy PM also stressed the need to create a mechanism for the export of local products to foreign countries.

“All these issues will be handled by the relevant commission and agency to be created in the near future,” said Ahmadov, adding. “But one this is worrying us. Some entrepreneurs have lost conscience and engaged in import of unsafe food products to the country. I hope that our new-created commission will prevent such cases.” 

Karabakh Today

08.04.2017 13:22
Category Economy