• Majority of Azerbaijanis to vote for Ilham Aliyev

The US-based AJF & Associates Inc. and the Citizens’ Labor Rights Protection League have announced the results of the pre-exit poll survey held in connection with the presidential election in Azerbaijan scheduled for April 11

Karabakh Today informs citing trend.

Sahib Mammadov, chairman of the Citizens’ Labor Rights Protection League, noted that the survey is aimed at studying the people’s readiness to vote in the run-up to the presidential election and the level of the people’s participation in the political life of the country, public opinion in connection with the election.

The survey involved 1,500 respondents from various districts of Azerbaijan. Some 63.5 percent of them (952 people) represented big cities, 17.6 percent (264 people) - small towns and the rest - settlements and villages.

George Birnbaum, president of AJF & Associates Inc., noted that 49.9 percent of the respondents are women, 50.1 percent are men.

The survey was conducted taking into account the age of the population: and 30.4 percent (456 people) were aged 18-29, 30 percent (450 people) were aged 30-39 years, 19.5 percent (292 people) - 40-49 years, 11.5 percent (173 people) - 50-59 years, 5.6 percent (84 people) - 60-69 years and 2.9 percent (44 people) - 70 years and older.

When asked “How often do you participate in the parliamentary or presidential election?”, 74 percent (1,110 people) answered that they always participate in the election, 10 percent (150 people) said they will participate in the presidential election April 11, 2018 for the first time, while 12.6 percent of respondents (189 people) said they participate sometimes or in rare cases, Birnbaum said.

George Birnbaum noted that when asked the questions “If the presidential election was held today, and the candidates were the following persons, who would you vote for?” and “If the parliamentary election was held today, what party would you vote for?”, 82.9 percent of the respondents (1,244 people) said they would vote for Ilham Aliyev and 70.9 percent (1,064 people) said they would vote for the ruling New Azerbaijan Party.

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28.03.2018 13:34
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