Founder and editor-in-chief:

Zaur Gariboghlu


Editor-in chief:

Gadir Nasirov


Why do we want to call out to the world precisely with the brand of “Karabakh Today”? It has only one reason: Karabakh is a conflict center, we have been suffering for a long time from that conflict. We want a world of peace and prosperity. To live in peace and prosperity will help to leave a better world for the future generations. Using as "brand" the name of the historical territory of Karabakh that was invaded by the armed forces of Armenia from the 90s, we want to mention again to the world community that is impossible to obtain something with blood and tears. At the same time, through this portal, with the people of Karabakh that was subjected to ethnic discrimination, we will keep in the center of attention the problems of the people of the world that were subjected to ethnic cleansing and continue to suffer the conquest and conflict.

Anywhere that lives, if a child remains with tears, undoubtedly, every honest person has to fulfill his debt in this question and raise his voice of protest.

Through the International electonic journal“ Karabakh Today “, we will try to approach with our prism to all the conflict centers: objectively, really, impartially.

In this case we will collaborate with the analysts that live in those territories of conflicts and in the nearby regions.

Their informative, analytical articles and investigations will create a favorable situation for us to recognize better the conflict centers. We are sure that we will present ourselves before you as a rich systematized resource by  the help of the local and foreign analysts, politicians and experts. We believe that we will be able to announce the name of Karabakh as a herald of peace in the world. “ Karabakh Today “ will be the provider of peace, prosperity and stability.