• US citizen sought on charges of planning terrorist acts in Armenia

As a result of the investigation conducted by the National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia, it was found out that in September, R. K., an Armenian who is a US citizen, registered the Martin Avagyan page with false user’s information on Facebook, and on which he posted information with respect to forming a group called Fighters for Justice.

As per the respective NSS statement, calls were made—by way of this Facebook page—to carry out violence against law enforcement and other officials of Armenia, explosions and burning, and in that way to form a climate of fear.

According to the NSS statement, R. K. attempted to set up criminal cooperation comprising Armenians living in Armenia and abroad. 

In addition, this person had planned terrorist acts in Armenia, and through accomplices.

As a result, it was decided to include this person in the respective criminal investigation, and as the accused.

By court decision, detention was set as preventive measure against him, and a search has been declared. 

Since the accused is a US citizen, he lives in the US, and the place of his residence has been determined, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Armenia has transmitted the respective data to the US authorities, so as to prevent the crimes that are planned. 

The National Security Service is searching for R. K.’s accomplices in Armenia.

Karabakh Today

14.12.2017 15:29
Category Society