• Israeli intelligence discovered ISIS plans for laptop bomb

Israel’s Intelligence service has been able by penetrating into the computer networks of the IG to information that terrorists are developing special stuffed with explosives the laptop to undermine civil aircraft, Karabakh Today informs citing the foreign media.

Israeli security forces have become a source of information about the development of such devices-bombs that are not detected by standard instruments scan the security services of the airports, and established ways of bringing these bombs into action.

The report notes that the Israeli hackers from the intelligence agencies managed to hack into the network of producers of explosive devices based in Syria, structure of the IG about a month ago. This is what led to the ban on March 21 to transport laptops and other electronic devices on flights bound for the US from 10 airports in Turkey, Middle East and North Africa, imposed by the authorities.

Karabakh Today

13.06.2017 13:33
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