• No force is able to threaten public order and security in Azerbaijan - Minister

The chaotic crises and the decline taking place in various countries in recent years once again prove that the development of a society is impossible without ensuring the security at first, Interior Minister Ramil Usubov said in an interview to “Azerbaycan” newspaper, Karabakh Today reported.

The minister said that internal affairs bodies provide exceptional services in protection of the public order and preventing criminal offenses against the state in Azerbaijan: “Over the past years, the Azerbaijani police served honestly to defend our lands, reduce the crime rate, neutralize armed bandits, organize effective struggle against transnational organized crime, and properly fulfilled their duties. Many times they demonstrated heroism and courage in crucial times even risking their own lives. The statement “My police protect me” is today accepted with its true essence. The public order and security are reliably protected in Azerbaijan and no force is able to threaten it.”

Karabakh Today

01.07.2017 17:34
Category Analysis