• Azerbaijani Press Council: detention of chief editors of two newspapers under investigation

The detention of chief editors of two newspapers—“Bizim dovr” (Our era) and Gundelik Baki (Daily Baku)—and other persons connected with him is being investigated, Aflatun Amashov, MP, chairman of the Azerbaijani Press Council, told APA on Wednesday.


He noted that concrete conclusions will be available only after the investigation.


“If these persons violated the law, they must be liable appropriately.  As for their negligence towards professional principles, I can say that there are many complaints even today about the media outlets they head,” Amashov said.


He stressed that the Press Council, since the day of its establishment, has been fighting against the negative cases and abuses in the media.


“In order to draw public attention to this matter, the term "racketeering journalism" was created. A commission for the fight against "racketeering journalism" has been established,” added the MP.


Amashov recalled that in accordance with the opinion of the commission, mass media outlets completely ignoring the principles of the journalism are blacklisted.


“Blacklist is regularly renewed and made public. We are not focusing on legal aspects of “racketeering journalist” or “racketeering media outlet”. Media outlets’ disrespecting “Professional Conduct Rules of Azerbaijani Journalists” may also face legal assessment. Having such doubts, were submit relevant materials to law enforcement agencies,” he added.




07.12.2016 14:03
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