• Azerbaijani army’s attack inevitable if Armenia refuses to withdraw from occupied lands immediately - Defense Ministry

It is inevitable that Azerbaijani armed forces will launch an attack if Armenian troops refuse to withdraw from the country’s occupied lands immediately, Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry told APA on May 6.
The ministry was commenting on the information spread by the Armenian side about the alleged attack planned by Azerbaijani armed forces for May 8-9.
The ministry stated that Armenians should expect the liberation of Azerbaijan's occupied territories by the country's armed forces and full restoration of the country's territorial integrity every day, every hour and every minute.
“Like the famous adage says: Awaiting death is far more terrifying than death itself,” said the ministry.
“The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are fully ready to liberate our lands from occupation. If Armenians do not wish to die and live each day in fear of death, they should leave Azerbaijani lands and put an end to the occupation,” the ministry added.

06.05.2016 12:51
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