• UNICEF representative: The organization will continue to work closely with our partners in developing Azerbaijan's human gold

 UNICEF will continue to work closely with our partners in government and in the local communities, to play our part in developing this country’s human gold and building an exciting and opportunity-filled future For every child.

"Report" was informed at the Baku office of UNICEF, this was told by the organization representative in Azerbaijan Edward Carwardine, commenting the speech of the president of Azerbaijan İlham Aliyev during the signing ceremony of the "New Contract of the Century" where he mentioned that Azerbaijan managed to transform oil into human capital.

"I was delighted to read president Ilham Aliyev’s public commitment this week to continue converting the nation’s oil revenues into human capital. I hope that this will include efforts to support those who still have particular needs in Azerbaijan, including children with disabilities, girls, youth and families in the most rural areas, so the growth and progress of the country benefits all children and young people", - E.Carwardine said.

Karabakh Today

18.09.2017 14:16
Category Politics