• War: Front approaches Azerbaijan - Kuznetsov

Terror attacks in Iran, political crisis around Qatar is all about call of this country's sheik to normalize relations of Arabian and Sunni countries with Shi'ite Iran.It is part of the pressure chain on Russia's closest ally in a fight against terrorism in the Middle East, Iran.

These words were said by Russian historian and politician Oleg Kuznetsov in his statement to Axar.az about processes in Middle East and its upcoming consequences. Politician said that incidents are the main tool of Arabian countries to global terrorism - ISIS and fight against Shi'ites and Turks.

"In the background of the statement of Qatari sheik Arabs, actually whole Semitic world showed unity. he considers himself right by dictating his conditions in the Middle East: And not only legal government of Syria, but also unidentical nations and countries, Iran and Turkey in the first place, Middle East groups which are supported by them - concrete name does not matter, either pro-Iranian Hezbollah, or pro-Turkish Free Syrian Army.

Incidents happened last week should be considered as a significant rise of tension in the region.

Besides these, we should not forget that 5% of the oil production is under control of ISIS. If this country will act the way of other oil producing countries of the region, then can affect the crude oil market like Saudi Arabia, UAE and others which help them by the hand of Syrian opposition which calls themselves "moderate". Subsequently, we have to intensiveness of tension in Iraq-Syria region. Like it or not, Iran and Turkey will always be at the forefront in the fight against terrorism. Azerbaijan will become the closest back front in this process, not only in military-political meaning, also in logistic meaning".

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13.06.2017 13:31
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