• Erdogan is called "Sultan" for a reason - Kuznetsov

I can't comment on Turkish referendum negatively.

t was said by Russian historian and analyst Oleg Kuznetsov in his exclusive interview with Axar.az about Turkish referendum. He noted that referendum is the right of choosing the faith of sovereign country citizen.

"That's why I can't comment negatively on "direct democracy" if we will say in accepted form. There is another issue which is sometimes governments use referendum procedure to legalize their crimes - like occupying lands or government coup. As an example, we can show incidents which happened in Nagorno-Karabakh in February. Referendum differs depending on purposes".

Kuznetsov also stressed that referendum in Turkey which changed parliamentary management to presidential government is the form of new social contract that stays in the base of state structure:

"Personally I am sure that, every nation has a right to determine the rules of its life. That's why I respect results of the referendum in Turkey".

According to politician, referendum which was held in Turkey is the result of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's internal policy:

"First Erdogan changed power balance of parliament and president, after that has expanded the authority of the president to an unlimited extent. That's why he is called "Sultan" in politics of Turkey. It is really hard for me to foretell what will be consequences of the referendum for Turkey in recent times or longer.

But one thing is quite obvious - republic model of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has been finished in Turkey. A new era has started for Turkey. Starting from now, strategical planning of internal and foreign policy of Turkey will be under the authority of Presidential Administration. Actually, Turkey imitates state structure of Russia and Azerbaijan as a result of the referendum. That should be a solid reason for the change in the transformation of royal class in Turkish society. Everything will be obvious after some time".

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17.04.2017 13:51
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