• Azerbaijani official: No need to politicize Lapshin’s issue

There is no need to politicize the issue of Alexander Lapshin, who is accused of violating Azerbaijan’s law on state border, said Novruz Mammadov, deputy head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, chief of the administration's foreign relations department.


This is a legal matter between states, said Mammadov, noting that compliance with the law is an important issue for the world.  


“In this case, intergovernmental cooperation becomes more sincere. This is an issue which is backed by international law,” he said.


The Azerbaijani official stressed that there is a tendency towards a violation of interstate relations.


“Russia is a big state. Russia and Azerbaijan enjoy close ties, which have a long history. Over the years, we have taken the best bases of processes that took place during the past two centuries and built cooperation between the two countries,” Mammadov said.


He pointed out that the strategic partnership and friendly and neighborly relations between the two countries are built on a solid foundation.

Karabakh Today

11.02.2017 13:46
Category Politics