• Protests Over 'Hijacked' Olympics: S Korean Activists Rip Kim Jong-un's Portrait

A protest against the joint participation of South Korean and North Korean athletes in the forthcoming Olympic Games was held in Seoul.

According to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang provide an opportunity to improve relations amid ongoing tension between the two Koreas.

Anti-Pyongyang activists, however, believe the upcoming Olympic Games have been hijacked by North Korea. In a recent rally in Seoul they ripped up photos of the DPRK's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

"This is the uniform will of the 32,000 North Korean defectors who have put their lives on the line in their journey to South Korea," North Korean-born activist Park Sang-hak shouted while protesting against the Olympic Games, as quoted by AP.

However, the South Korean authorities are denying all the criticism concerning the Olympics.

"We're confident that the Olympics will be a stepping stone to bring peace to the Korean peninsula, to Northeast Asia and the world," South Korean presidential spokesman Park Soo-hyun stated at a news conference.

Earlier this month, the two Koreas agreed to perform at the Olympics in Pyeongchang under the same flag. The IOC decided at the opening ceremony of the Olympics that the delegations from the two countries should perform together as one, under the name "Korea."

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24.01.2018 13:36
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