• Foreign minister: There is mutual support and understanding between Ukraine and Azerbaijan

When the agreement for trade facilitation among GUAM countries starts to be realized, it will become fundamental factor of security and prosperity of member-states.

Ukrainian foreign minister Pavel Klimkin told correspondent of Ukrainian bureau of Report.

“We have a huge potential, but we cannot fully use it. If we manage to launch realization of signed agreements between GUAM countries till the end of this year, we will be able to use our potential”, Klimkin noted.

According to foreign minister, GUAM members should aspire to common principles, procedures in customs system. “The goal that we should target is of course European regulations. And this will be one of topics that we will talk over in 12 April meeting of Vishegrad group and countries of Eastern partnership in Warsaw”, Pavel Klimkin told Report.

“Ukraine and Azerbaijan had special relations with each other. This is not only political relations, but also friendly human relations. But if to talk about security cooperation, here we understand each other, as both countries have occupied territories and recognize territorial integrity of each other. There is mutual support and understanding between Ukraine and Azerbaijan”, summarized Pavel Klimkin. 

Karabakh Today

10.04.2017 13:30
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