• "...We were wandering about the forest, falling into the deep snow..." - Minesh Aliyeva, 50, bullet-wounded hand

Sobbing woman are dragging their children after themselves, the old, weak, wounded men being backwards try to help others, - hurry up, hurry up: they are hardly able to drag legs along, they are falling down, trying to stand up, somebody gives them hand powerless men help more powerless.
Oh! Where are you the greatest artist of all the times? Goya, Vereshagina, Delakura? None of you have painted, none of you! Have you ever seen such a thing? Could you imagine? Daly himself with his great imagination would not be able imagine this picture, he couldn't even find a name for it. Is it a brutality? Is it a horror or cruelty? No, it is the genocide. It is impossible to imagine. One must see it; you must be there, to run in this stream of madness from death to more terrible death.
Sona Aliyeva. Her legs were got frostbitten. The toes were amputated. She had hidden in the forest for 12 days. 
"Armenians wounded her husband in Khojaly. He could not and did not want to go with us. But we helped him, dragged him to the forest for three days. He was racked with pain, asked to drink. I gave him snow, but he wanted water. When he died, he said to take the passport and money out of his pocket. He died and I couldn't do it".
Having left the frostbitten corpse and those who died of wounds and wounded, all adults and children in snowy forest at last the people crawl out of the forest to the flat place. 
Have we really survived? Oh, no! 

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