• Snowfall expected for Azerbaijan

Intermittent snowfall is expected for Baku and the Absheron Peninsula on December 15.


There will be blizzard during the night and in the morning. Strong northwest wind will slow down later in the day.


The temperature in the Absheron Peninsula will be -1…-3 C during the night, -1…2 during the day, and in Baku -1…-3 C during the night, close to 0 C during the day, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources told APA.


Atmospheric pressure will rise from 760mm Hg to 767mm Hg, relative humidity will be 85-95%.


The roads will be covered with ice.


In the districts of Azerbaijan, there will be intermittent rain, sleet, and snow to varying intensity. There will be fog in varies areas. West wind will gain strength in some areas. The temperature will be -5…0 C during the night, 0…5 during the day, and in the mountains -10…-5 C during the night, 0…5 C during the day.

14.12.2016 15:42
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