• Appeal on `Metsamor`NPP to UN

Today in the 4th Congress of World Azerbaijanis, the appeal on `Metsamor` NPP situated in Armenia is admitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations, European Union and world community. 

The appeal states: There are convincing evidences about spilling and grounding of the waste of the power plant to Azerbaijani rivers and territories. Several media sources revealed information about the illegal sale of nuclear and radioactive materials by Armenia. Besides some Armenian officials gave statements on the existence of nuclear weapons called `dirty bomb`. These facts present the degree of the danger one more time. 

We, World Azerbaijanis call to take immediate measures on the closure of Metsamor NPP appealing to all international organizations, especially, International Atomic Energy Agency of the UN and EU in order to accomplish peace and safety in the world. 

We hope that the international community will make its efforts to prevent the possible disasters in the region.(azvison.az)

04.06.2016 22:32
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