• Azerbaijan talks simplification of customs procedures

In 2017, Azerbaijan’s State Customs Committee plans to integrate into the ASAN Pay portal a mechanism for paying various fines for violation of customs rules, Chairman of the committee Aydin Aliyev told Trend.

ASAN (Azerbaijan Service and Assessment Network) is a state agency for government services to citizens in Azerbaijan.

Aydin Aliyev recalled that since November last year, it became possible in the service centers of ASAN to extend the period of temporarily imported cars’ stay in Azerbaijan.

"Azerbaijan is heading towards a post-oil era and the customs authorities play an important role in the implementation of the new economic policy of the country," Aydin Aliyev said. "The customs bodies have important tasks to ensure economic security of Azerbaijan against the backdrop of supporting the development of entrepreneurship and the new realities of the country."

Therefore, in order to reduce risks and simplify customs procedures, it is very important to apply the newest technologies and advanced methods in the relations between customs and business, he added.

"In this context, rendering even more customs services by the ASAN service is one of the priorities of Azerbaijan’s State Customs Committee," he said.

Karabakh Today

17.03.2017 12:46
Category Economy