• Last year 4 bln cum gas used for energy production in Azerbaijan

 4 295.4 mln cum natural gas (85.4%) and 614.2 thousand tons heating oil (14.6%) have been used for production of energy by thermal power plants in 2016.

Karabakh Today informs, 2016 report of Cabinet of Ministers declares.

According to the report, reckoning with fuel oil received from SOCAR (493 thousand tons), the fuel oil reserve in plants made 71 thousand tons by the year end.

As a result of improvement of modes of operation of thermal power plants, 285.9 grams of conventional fuel have been used for production 1KWh of electric power, which means economy of 124.1 thousand tons of conventional fuel comparing to production efficiency in 2015 (292.2 gr/KWh)”, report says. 

Karabakh Today

09.03.2017 12:26
Category Economy