• North,South Korea may host 2018 Winter Olympics together

For the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, Seoul came up with an unexpected proposal: to allow North Korea to co-host the event.

Karabakh Today reports citing Sputnik.

Do Jong-hwan, South Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, brought forward two interesting and generous proposals that might help improve relations between Seoul and Pyongyang.First, he suggested that North Korea may co-host some of the upcoming Winter Olympic skiing events, naming the Masikryong ski resort as a potential venue.

Second, the minister proposed that the two countries form a joint women’s ice hockey team to represent both Seoul and Pyongyang at the Olympic.An International Olympic Committee (IOC) representative told Sputnik that the organization welcomes this development because "the Olympic Movement is always about building bridges, never about erecting walls."

"We are looking at the comments of the new Minister of Sport, Culture and Tourism with great interest and, of course, we are happy to discuss his ideas together with POCOG during the next visit by the IOC to the Republic of Korea," the representative said.

Dr. Vida Bajc, a sociologist at Temple University, also told Sputnik Radio that Minister Do’s initiative, “just the gesture of proposing cooperation”, may send an important message to Pyongyang.

Karabakh Today

22.06.2017 21:32
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