• Iran vowed to retaliate against US sanctions

Iran vowed that it would take action and "retaliate against the hostile actions of the United States".

Karabakh Today informs referring to RIA Novosti, Iran's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"The Trump regime's hostile action...crossed all red lines of conduct in the international community and is a violation of international law and will surely be answered by a serious reaction of the Islamic Republic," Iran's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry's statement says that the US decision to add a number of Iranians to the list of sanctions is "just proof of the continuing hostility of the US administration to the great Iranian nation".

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that he had extended for the last time the regime of lifting sanctions within the "nuclear agreement" with Iran and demanded the EU participate in improvement of the deal, noting that now the last chance has come for making changes. In addition, Trump called Iran the main sponsor of terrorism and announced his intention to legislatively fix tough sanctions for the development and testing of ballistic missiles by Iran.

Earlier, the US included Sadeq Larijani, head of the Iranian judiciary, in the new sanctions list.

Karabakh Today

13.01.2018 17:30
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